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The Founding Grand Masters are four of the most respected and capable martial arts experts in the world

They have trained tens of  thousands Black Belts, Masters and Grand Masters all over the world in addition to movie stars, instructors of special forces, law enforcement and CIA

They have spent their entire lives dedicated to mastering Martial Arts and helping others

All four Grand Masters, in addition to maintaining their various high level roles in the martial arts world community, have successful Ko Am Mu Do schools and continue to teach their students daily.

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Ko Am Mu Do Most senior ranking Dan and Founder

Grand Master Yung Ho Jun, 9th Dan
Founder of Ko Am Mu Do
Head of Counsel  - The World Ko Am Mu Do Federation

Military Special Forces Master Instructor and served in Korea and Vietnam War

Founder and Director of several original existing Kwans in Korea and USA

President of the US Chang Moo Kwan Taekwondo and American TKD Union

Head Master and Owner of Yung Ho Taekwondo Martial Arts Schools in the Tampa Florida area 


Jin Chung

Grand Master Jin Chung, 9th Dan
Founder of Ko Am Mu Do
Executive Counsel - The World Ko Am Mu Do Federation

Founder of Korean National Demonstration Team

Korean National Head Coach

Bahrain National Head Coach

Head Master and owner of United Martial Arts Academies in the West Palm Beach area of Florida


N.G. Guak

Grand Master Noah Guak, 9th Dan
Founder of Ko Am Mu Do
President - The World Ko Am Mu Do Federation

President of The World Hapkido Association

President of The Worldwide Mu Ye Taekwondo Association

Many time Korean National Champion

Head Master and Owner of United Martial Arts Centers in Fort Myers, Florida


Grand Master Jun Kim, 9th Dan
Founder of Ko Am Mu Do
Technical Director - The World Ko Am Mu Do Federation

Former National Champion of Korea in three different weight divisions

Master Instructor and Coach for hundreds of Champion fighters in Korea and all over the world

Founder of The World Mu Do Society

Head Master and Owner Jun Kim's Martial Arts Centers in Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale Florida areas

Grandmaster Jun Kim, 9th Dan

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